Other projects

White Paper on Digital Communication


In 2017 UPA, Assocom, Fcp, Fedoweb, Fieg, IAB Italia, Netcomm and Unicom presented the first 'White Book on Digital Communication', a publication created with the aim of providing a concrete response to the widespread request for transparency of online advertising.

Media and creative pitches

Creative and media pitches have always generated debate because, if not managed transparently, can have serious economic and relational implications.

For this reason UNA and UPA have promoted two initiatives aimed at giving indications on the correct management of pitches

Digital Chart

UPA companies have worked hard to develop new tools within the IAP (Institute of Advertising Self-Regulation) to ensure the recognition of online advertising messages. These tools are outlined in the Digital Chart.

UPA Advertising Graffiti

The UPA Advertising Graffiti YouTube channel was born a few years ago with the aim of becoming the reference in the history of video advertising for all the people who deal with it professionally and culturally.



UPA has been working constantly since 2010 to provide useful contributions to companies on privacy and data protection issues.


The UPA and Paola Furlanetto project 'KPI for commercial communication' intends to univocate the very large and varied mass of international literature on the theme of performance indicators, essential for demonstrating in a simple and shared way the effectiveness and achievement of objectives that companies aim to achieve through advertising communication. The project was developed with the contribution of many marketers and media directors of UPA member companies and was officially presented on several occasions to the entire advertising community, between the end of 2017 and the end of 2018.

The most valuable element of the project is the KPI database.

UPA for culture

Upaperlacultura.org is a website designed to promote communication investments in cultural activities.

The portal offers a database of sponsorship / cultural partnership projects, proposed by public bodies or private entities with public purposes (Foundations etc.) in the following areas: environment, archeology, art, architecture, cinema, dance, books, music, science, history, theater.